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This is an appallingly cruel programme

How on earth can Channel 4 consider the psychological torture of a young girl 'entertainment'? This poor girl has been given a succession of awful jobs to do, from dealing with live fish (with the expectation that she will handle them and gut them) to sucking up faeces with a hoover. Of course the programme makers knew she would scream her head off and the sardonic voiceovers seemed to find it 'ironic' that she was traumatised by some of the things she was expected to do, talking frequently about 'Princess Nikki failing'.

She said she thought it was supposed to be a normal show. She thought she would get ordinary jobs to help her learn different trades. Instead, she was given tasks designed to make her scream and make a show of herself. I think it was/is incredibly cruel to do this to a young woman and if the makers of this programme ever look at this board, I think you should be ashamed of yourselves.