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Princess Nikki vs. simple life

I know, I know, it is all fake (though I think, some incidents are real like when she cried about her handbag), but I have to say comparing this show with the simple life, Nikki is a winner.

At least Nikki is funnier to watch than Paris&Nicole, so I have to say, that I don't dislike this show as much as the Simple life.

Am I the only one?


I'm ashamed but I do watch these shows!
I am stright but find them funny... also they are

But yeah nikki is funny. I think the simple life has better things but princess nikki makes me laugh more.


Funny, hahaha give me a break. You *beep* don't know funny/comedy is.
I wouldn't exactly call you people watch this reality TV *beep* people.



Simple Life is better by far. It's funnier , cuter and lets face it its more original! - plz go on it.x