Cheap Crap Copy

This is just a cheaply done copy of the simple life.It's so obvious there tryin to copy it. Wel nothing will ever beat the simple life it's funny and entertaining Princess Nikki makes me want to scream at the Tv.Also shes soo fake in it.The o nly real Nikki we ever saw and ever will see is when she was in the big brother house before she got kicked out the first time.To be honest iam surprised the Simple Life aren't sueing them on copyright laws. - plz go on it.x


You said it. The budget is shocking, I suprised that they didn't just film it on a mobile phone camera.



It got higher ratings than the last series of the Simple Life did.

Princess Nikki had potential but was let down by a lack of creativity in job choices. It's fine to have 1 or 2 "cleaning up/ dealing with filth" episodes but the original plan to mix in jobs like "Wedding Planner, Rock Singer, Ballet Dancer and Florist" would have added much needed variety to the show. No point in picking jobs that your average punter woundn't want to do..let alone someone like Nikki.

A shame they didn't go for a second series as "Princess Nikki" had good potential as a brand name show.....still seems odd to me that despite the show rating higher than the two ( much higher advertised) Russel Brand E4 shows..he got a 3rd series on Channel 4..yet princess Nikki just gets one series. Oh well.