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Why exactly does everyone think the last seasons are so bad?

I mean, granted, I'm only at the end of season 5. People here say that it's gone downhill since season 1, though, or at least season 2. I don't understand. It's still interesting, with most episodes ending on cliffhangers and making me want to watch the next episode. And there do end up being more and more supernatural creatures, but it's not like believability was ever a factor in a show about vampires. Is that it, though? Too many creatures? The focus not being all on vampires and a Bill/Sookie love story? Because I agree the plotlines have been getting convoluted and there are a LOT of characters. But other than that ... I just don't get it. Well, I AM at a part where Bill suggests blowing up the true blood factories and says he is just "evolving" and it seems to be a killing of who he is as a character, believing in mainstreaming - unless he is just pretending AGAIN for the millionth time to "go bad" or whatever. Is that it? Characters changing? Like Hoyt becoming so different after he and Jessica broke up? Or what exactly is it that is so bad about these seasons? I'm starting to think there's something wrong with me if I actually enjoy them, that I have bad taste or there's something I'm not seeing, since literally everyone says they're bad.


I have a LONG list of what I feel is wrong with the last seasons, but I don't any thing for you. Lol. I'll say that I didn't hate season 5. I feel like the writing quality went down after season 3, but overall, it was still pretty entertaining. For me, the problem was the last two seasons (I doubt I'll ever buy S6 or 7), and that's because of really lazy writing. The last season, in particular, is really guilty of this. I don't know if you want me to say more.


Well, I didn't want to be spoiled when I first started the series. But a LOT was spoiled for me. I know Tara "dies twice" (well, someone wrote it in quotation marks like that so I'm not sure if it's technically true) and since she died once to become a vampire I'm assuming she dies again. I know Terry dies. Someone named Kevin dies. Hoyt's mom dies (gets her heart ripped out? It should have happened much sooner!). And I stumbled across a meme that seems to say Eric fries in the sun at the end. Again, not sure. But at this point, I don't mind things being spoiled anymore. I am starting to see what is being said about ruining the characters, though. The Bill from the beginning would never have turned to Lilith like he is doing at the end of season 5. I thought he was pretending or going to snap out of it quickly, but that doesn't seem to be the case. FYI sorry for any spelling errors; I'm typing on a frozen screen and can't see much of what I'm writing. I was really upset with so much having been spoiled, but so near the end with so many unlikeable changes, I am interested in your opinion. One thing I do actually like is vampire Tara. Well, I don't think it was well-written, but I like the concept. Like the Tara/Pam attraction.

I am at the season 5 finale and realizing how incapable they are of writing off a character without killing it.
Though, Lilith-Bill rising up out of the blood did make me laugh my a$$ off.

(Another side note instead of starting another new thread - as a former avid viewer of Law & Order SVU before he left, it was amazing seeing Christopher Meloni with fangs! And as such a bad a$$, in-charge vampire at that! Psh like he could even be anything else.)



The show didn't really go downhill for me until Season 6. Although I didn't care for some of the writing choices they made in the earlier seasons, I still found them entertaining overall. But Seasons 6 and 7 were just bad with very little redeeming qualities imo. I think Billith was the worst mistake they ever made. They should have just left Bill dead at the end of Season 5. Instead, we got two more seasons of moody, relatively directionless Bill who ultimately died anyway.


Did they try to get Billith back with Sookie? (If you can even call it "back") I would have assumed not, because he is basically a different person. I accidentally read a few lines of some episode summaries from season 7, and I stopped after a few lines, so of course I'm not sure. But it sounded like Bill and Sookie were deciding about possibly getting back together. How can that even be possible?

And I can't bear two bad seasons without knowing about some of my favorite characters. I know Tara dies at the beginning of 7 and I love her. Does Eric die? :'-( And not my favorites, but characters that make it more bearable for me: anything else interesting happen with Hoyt and Jessica? Does Jason get made into a vampire? I think I read he did, but I tried not to read much like I said, and I just watched the first two episodes of season six and he almost became a vampire, so that might have been what I read.


"anything else interesting happen with Hoyt and Jessica?"

Just keep watching.


Yes, Bill and Sookie astonishingly get back together for about two minutes before he asks her to kill him and she does. Sookie then ends up with a completely new character who nobody ever saw until the final episode.

Does Eric die?

No, Eric is alive and well at the end of the series. The only good decision they made imo. lol. Although I didn't care for his storyline, at least he was alive.

Hoyt and Jessica?

Hoyt comes back in Season 7, I think. I didn't watch all of that season, so I can't help you there. :)

Jason does not turn into a vampire. He turns into a were-panther in the books, but nothing like that happens to him in the series.


Hoyt comes back from Alaska with his girlfriend due to the death of his mother.

Hoyt save Jessica, Jason and a few others from Jason's vampire girlfriend Violet.

After saving Jessica's life and giving a dying Bill some of his blood to feed on. Jessica falls in love with Hoyt again.

At the same time, Jason starts to develop feelings for Hoyt's new girlfriend Bridget. God what a douchebag.

Jessica tells Hoyt about their past. Bridget breaks up with Hoyt. Jason comes over to Hoyt's house to explain himself to him. Hoyt knocks Jason out again.

Jessica and Hoyt get married before Bill dies.

Jason and Bridget fall in love, get married and start a family.

That's what happened.


Thanks! :-)
I wish Hoyt could have somehow gotten his memories back. Knowing you have a past is not the same as remembering it. All the same mistakes can be made again. I'm amazed Billith could even be killed, though, since staking him all the way through one side and the other didn't do it!

I watched the first two episodes of season six and decided I needed a break, since I had watched since the premiere for almost two weeks straight. Now it's so bad I don't really want to go back and continue for almost two more seasons.

Two more questions for spoilers. Is there or is there not a were-tiger? Someone mentioned it in another post, but it seems unlikely when we already have werewolves and werepanthers! And are there any other great guest stars? A big reason I enjoyed the first half of season five so much was Christopher Meloni :-D big SVU fan here.

Maybe I should just wait for the True Blood musical (which is actually happening and either being written or finished).


And I'm very happy Eric's alive :-D the last I've seen of him so far was glamoring the mayor's daughter to let him in after she took out her magic contact lenses!

It's funny, I really liked Bill and disliked Eric in the beginning of season one. Now it's very opposite.


The weretiger only exists in the books. His name is Quinn, and Sookie dates him for two books or so. I feel your pain about the last two seasons. I stopped watching after Alcide was unceremoniously killed.


I heard about that. Honestly, after the last I saw of him with him and his pack wrenching an 8 year old girl away from Sam, the last person Luna left Emma with and told him to care for her while she died, with the girl screaming her head off for Sam and they're carrying her telling her it's for her best and she belongs with them. I think he deserves it. So does Emma's grandmother, but I believe she does not die. I mean you can argue she belongs with a pack but the mindset they have of taking her away thinking it's right regardless of her mothers wishes or the girl screaming, is the mindset of a deusional or mentally ill person, making them werewolves doesn't really change that.


That was horrifying for me to watch and caused me pain to watch so honestly I'm glad to hear he died and I wish Emma's grandmother had died, and painfully, too. On one level I can see why she would think Emma should be with her but emotionally I can't feel that.


Bill loses his Lilith powers when he gives most of his blood ( which has become mixed with Warlow's blood so he can daywalking) to save othe vampires from burning in the son at vamp camp. It's a pointless scene since there's a door out of there that leads to an inner office and hallway but he saw himself in a vision making this sacrifice and becomming a vampire hero so he insists on doing it. They drain hi M and he is dying but Jessic and her new vampire boyfriend feed him their blood now endured with Warlow's blood too) and they all go out into the sun at vamp camp. Eric has ,previously dispensed with most of the vamp camp guards and personnel releasing the vampires from their cells to finish the job. When Bill recovers he is minus his Lilith powers. She took them from him when he wouldn't follow her plan( whatever that was).

Through a whole lot of pointless and stupid plot devices Sookie and Bill get back together but he's not happy. When he get the Hep V virus he sinks into depression and had fever dreams. He thinks these drams are revelations. And that the only way Sookie will be happy is for him to die, the only way he will be happy is to join his wife ,who he says was the love of his life, So, when a cure is found he won't take it and decides to die by having Sookie help him stake himself. She does and she ends up in the grave Bill dug for himself converee in Bill goo.

Arlene ends up with a vampire boyfriend ,she is the new owner of Sam's Place and she becomes the mayor. Sam runs off with his girlfriend without saying goodbye to anyone. LaLa ends up with Jessica's boyfriend from vamp camp and Jessica marries Hoyt. Everyone is paired up at the end and they all sit at a Thanksgiving table, outside in Sookie's yard while a pregnant Sookie serves them. Her husband is some human male who sits at the head of the table ,presiding like a good southern boy should while his pregnant wife serves hi and their guests like a good southern gal should. The idea is that Sookie gets her " normal " life at least temporarily since she does have fairie blood and is vampire cat nip. Without Eric or Bill to protect her one can only speculate as to her eventual fate, then their is her baby. Will it be born with fairie blood? She can also read her husband's mind since he's human so one wonders how that will go. This is a Hallmark card ending for an edgy over the top vampire/ supernaturalshow. It didn't fit and jarred with the spirit of the show. Very disappointing.


Thanks! Yeah, it doesn't sound like something I would particularly enjoy watching, or two seasons leading up to that. I'll remember the show at the beginning. :-)


I started to hate this show in S3 but I completely dropped it after S2 when they ruined the witches.

1. BVS 2. TWS 3. Avengers


It depends on who you ask. I liked every episode.


one of those series were i was glad its finally over, because it got soooo bad, but i still was hooked by season 1


Right after season 5 I lost complete interest in this show. I just didn't like where it was headed. I pretty much let it go.

Recently....while looking for something to watch...I decided to pick it up again. So I started season 5 again and watched until the end...and just finished tonight. I enjoyed the show so much more after all of these years. I do feel season 5 is a weak point of the series for me because I simply didn't like the vampire politics...I just found that boring. But season 6 picked up and so did season 7. least it wasn't a huge disappointment like Game of Thrones' last season was. Meh.