Only one complaint

Loved the movie but everything associated with the hotel did not make sense. They were not asked to provide a credit card upon check-in. Even if someone else is paying for the room, hotels always require a credit card for incidentals and security. Also, the hotel would have prosecuted the guys for consuming food and retainign lodging without paying for it. Lastly, they leave the property without their luggage, and are seen walking to the cheap motel without anything with them. Yet in the airport on the next day, Owen has his carry-on. So maybe the hotel kept his lugage, but he would have had to pay the lodging and room service bill to get it back. A deluxe suite at the Four Seasons is like $1,500. (Oh, and it wasn't a Four Seasons Hotel anyway. It was the Sheraton in Mahwah, New Jersey...but I don't fault the movie for that, since there's no Four Seasons in Kansas where the film festival was supposed to take place. And I'm sure the Four Seasons in NYC wouldn't have allowed them to film there. And the property is SO swank, it wouldn't be believable as a Four Seasons in Kansas, even if one existed there.)


I've checked into many hotels without a credit card; they usually charge an extra night's cash deposit, refunded at the end of your stay. If someone else (the film festival?) is paying the bill, then there's no need for the guest to provide a credit card or cash deposit, however the guest would definitely have to show ID, which no one showed in the movie.

For the sake of comedy, though, I was willing to let it slide.

In the movie, the hotel acted appropriately by escorting the crashers out and dropping it there. A 5-star hotel wouldn't make a big deal or press charges unless there was actual damage. A smaller hotel owner might take it to small claims court, but the Four Seasons wouldn't. Most likely, the check-in clerk who allowed the mistake would get reprimanded or fired.

With respect to the luggage, I think you have a valid gripe there. When the security guards escorted them out, they should've handed them their luggage at the same time.


We can't expect a movie to mimic each and every mundane detail of daily life.

When we go to the theatre to see a play we have no such expectation for banal details.

Imagination is a wonderful thing, use it or lose it.