A watchable flick [spoilers]


They could have toned down some of the bad language, but apart from that it's a watchable cine. I personally think even though Will had the best chemistry with April, he would have been better off staying single and forgetting sex and relationships for a while and focusing on career and travelling or something else, we find out in the "present day" scenes that he's in the process of getting a divorce, i think he needed time to himself before jumping into another relationship.

Will shouldn't have taken Emily back, but if he hadn't then his child wouldn't have been born and there would be no need to tell his story.

Will's relationship with Summer seemed like a waste of time even after the relationship ended, there's a scene post-relationship where she invites him to her party, but the movie doesn't indicate that they were in each other's lives after that.

Will refrained from giving April her special book and when she found out she wanted nothing more to do with him, he should have left it at that, i don't think he should have gone back to her apartment just because the daughter told him to. If April wanted Will in her life she would have made contact with him after all that time, he apologised about the book and she didn't care about the apology and asked him to leave, he should have some pride and love himself enough not to go chasing after her, but the movie wanted to satisfy the viewers with the happily ever after ending.

This may all sound negative and i'm not usually negative about movies that i like, but iv'e looked at things from both perspectives and for a long time i liked the ending, but it seems that Hollywood was scared to make this ending more realistic.

It is a good Cine though.

The movie tries to sneak and hide the romantic undertones in one particular scene, but it's just too obvious in the scene with the Vanessa Williams "Save The Best For Last" romantic song in the background while Will and April are talking lol

Definitely, Maybe has a good soundtrack. I usually prefer my film scores as opposed to lyrical soundtracks, but when it comes to this movie - the lyrical soundtrack is better than the score, there's a couple of catchy songs by Stereo MCs and R.E.M.

Maybe the ending could have been less vague and more clear showing Will and April at just being reconnected friends, but the movie gives the impression that they'll become a couple.