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1998 vs 2014(I know generic title but whatever)

I saw all the Godzilla movies in order and I was overwhelmed by the negative reviews of the 1998 version. I decided to see it with virtually no expectations and I was still very disappointed. I didn't think the movie wad terrible- it was a popcorn flick, like all Emmerich movies- but I was disappointed that they handled Godzilla poorly. It looked nothing like Godzilla. He didn't have atomic breath(he just breathed fire) and he was hunched over instead of standing still. There was also no monster to fight him and he got killed so easily with just missiles. In the TOHO movies, he was able to catch planes mid air and destroy them with his hands. Even though it represented Godzilla poorly, it wasn't that bad of a monster movie. I liked the 2014 version because they tried to mimick the first movie's serious tone and they represented Godzilla well enough. However, the transitions were kind of sloppy. Godzilla should have been shown a little more often but that's about it. In the end, even though they both have their mistakes, I would have to go with the 2014 version because of it's better representation of Godzilla. Feel free to tell my about your opinions but please don't be rude.





Haha you are right. I can't edit the text because I am on my phone right now. Which movie did you like better.


I liked each of them about the same, their approaches are quite different. But if you asked me to re-watch only one of them every year it would be the 2014 movie, to me it has a more interesting human story. Plus I really like the deep bass at appropriate times.

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The 1998 film is almost okay as a generic monster romp, but even from that standpoint it's a bit lacking.

The most astounding thing about it is that Roland Emmerich, the man known for blowing up more landmarks than anyone else, keeps the destruction relatively low key in this film. Godzilla runs along the streets between the buildings, most of which are actually destroyed by the military. You'd think someone like Emmerich could really have a lot of fun with a monster tearing *beep* up. I don't think he was a bad pick for director, he just really dropped the ball.

That said, I do however enjoy the build up in the '98 movie. The early attacks are as good as anything from the Toho films. I especially like the initial rampage where you only see bits and pieces of the monster. The film unfortunately loses a lot of credibility with the scene where the camera man is almost stomped then proceeds to get dumber and dumber from that point on.

I understand the complaints people lob at Godzilla 2014, but as a lifelong fan, I loved every second of it. The fact that we have a proper American Godzilla film after all these years helps ease the disappointment of '98.


'98 version I kind of agree it was just a popcorn flick like all his movies, but God watching Broderick and that girl was horrible. They sucked.

I also agree and like that they tried to do a bit of a more serious tone in 2014, but I feel that disappeared from a lot of the film and sometimes it was very in common with your average popcorn flick. Not unlike G98. That being said I liked it a lot better.

My bottom line on that one though, I think they shouldn't have bothered with the mutos, G could have gotten more screen time and it would have a better chance at keeping that very somber tone we were all hoping for.


The last Godzilla I didn´t like it but 1998 Godzilla;

I really enjoyed this movie. I have great memories watching it at the theater.

First of all, I didn't know nothing about the original movie. I have to confess I don't know even today.

Just that day in 1998, had to wait for my father who was near the theater, so I decided to watch a movie. When I saw the poster of Godzilla I remembered that I had seen the music video of the film, where there seemed to be an earthquake and immediately caught my attention. The film had already started, so I did not know I had lost so much. When I finish the film I was feeling and desire to have a second part because at the end is a baby Godzilla alive. As in the theater was old and had only one room and the next feature was the same movie, I decided to stay to see the part that I missed, anyway had time, but then it was time to meet my father. Although I had a great desire to continue watching the movie.

Then the years passed and still going on, but every time I see the movie on TV the good memories re-emerge. Even until today after the film ends still hankering to see a sequel.

Maybe I really have no idea how to be a good movie, but the only thing I am sure of is that this movie entertained me, really have to say that I liked.

Now when I read some comments it saddens me something that made me so happy was because of disappointment for many. They even say that the actress who played the role of Audrey ruin his career for this film, but really I have to say that I love her in her role.

At the end, one can only say the famous phrase: "let's agree to disagree"

P.S. It is quite possible that as I knew almost nothing of the original version and when I saw the film could not be in a better mood, is the reason that I liked so much.

And sorry for my english :D


Thanks for sharing the story:) My story is very similar. My dad took me to the cinema and I had no clue what we were going to see. I had never watched a Godzilla movie before, but new what it was. I was incredibly entertained. Of course I wasn't that old, and I felt that some things were a bit dumb, and some acting was poor, but I've always enjoyed it since.

I love the last one though, so we disagree on that.


I think it all comes down to how they treated the core material, which is Godzilla. And even though Emmerich's movies have plenty of faults all their own (sh!tty characters, same disaster plots, numerous plotholes, stereotypes, etc) they way the '98 movie handled Godzilla is why a lot of people hated it.

The '98 Godzilla wasn't a mutated dinosaur or prehistoric creature, it was a mutated lizard not even the size of your arm. It ate fish, which lizards don't do anyway. It burrowed instead of being an upright, intimidating force. It looks suspiciously like the T-Rex from Jurassic Park, but with lower-quality CGI. Then he breaths fire, which is like a lame half-assed attempt to be like the original.

And a huge factor was that Godzilla always ran away. Shows up, hides underground. Military shows up, runs away. Then at the end it's easily killed by a few missiles fired from jets instead of something hardcore like artillery or something. They literally took the "god" out of it; instead of inspiring fear, people got a T-Rex ripoff that constantly fled from danger and could be easily killed once out in the open. Don't even get me started on the velociraptor chase scene.

The 2014 Godzilla on the other hand was a beast that truly lived up to the name Godzilla. Aside from being the largest Godzilla incarnation so far, we see him arise from the oceans, and whenever he's on screen (and even when he isn't) you can sense his presence. The tides shift, boats are shoved out of the way, the ground trembles, debris and dust fly everywhere. Even his roar feels like it has force behind it. Godzilla is a natural disaster, and his atomic breath reminds us he's from a radioactive age and doesn't belong in the modern world.

Plus this Godzilla fights other monsters. We can't tell if he's fighting for us or if he's merely fighting the MUTOs because they're the next biggest kids on the block. The '98 Godzilla was like a fluke, "Whelp he damaged NYC, we killed him after a day or two, now it's back to normal." Because of the MUTOs, you can't help but feel like there's even more giant monsters laying dormant that aren't seen in the 2014 film, which adds a certain level of mystery and minute horror to the film.

Even Pacific Rim had it right with the Kaijus. They were wholly original creations but designed to elicit fear through their size and actions, much the same way the 2014 Godzilla was.

Personally I loved the 2014 Godzilla film and can't wait for Godzilla 2 with Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah added to the mix. Especially since they've already announced that Godzilla & the monsters will get more screen time, which was really my only gripe with the 2014 movie.

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I enjoyed both Godzilla films. I couldn't tell you which one I think is better tho but I will say one thing about the 1998 film that many people don't think about.

I actually enjoyed and liked the more realistic version of Godzilla in the 1998 version. It's based on a lizard (a real animal of this earth but mutated by radiation which is not possible). Like most animals of this earth, they will tend to run away if they are getting hurt or if they feel that they are in danger and the 1998 Godzilla did this. He did it for survival which came off as realistic to me, heck I remember when I was in Latin america where they have lots of lizards on the resorts and they tend to run when you too close to them. Squirrels will always run if you try to get close to them. Godzilla does not recognize his massive size like most creatures hence why he didn't take advantage off his massive size. I also liked that Godzilla can be killed. If it breaths, sleeps, eats, *beep* and bleeds, it is killable. Having an unstoppable/unkillable force makes it unimaginative and boring. Highly realistic that missiles from the military can take down Godzilla.

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I like the 2014 version better in the end.

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For all its many many many flaws. I think the 2014 Godzilla was better if only because it returned the monster to its more iconic look. Had the writing been better I think it would have fared better. But as was the vexing battle cut-aways and focus for nearly half the movie on the stupidly named mutos didnt help.

The 1998 movie treated it all like a cartoon with some really bad dialogue and acting. And of course a monster that was not godzilla in any way shape or form. It didnt even breath fire. It breathed on some cars as they exploded. Even lamer.

On the bright side it enraged the Japanese enough to make a few more real movies. Even if they were at times really weird. Like the undead ghost powered Godzilla.


Godzilla 98 is far more memorable that the 14 film.
The 2014 made 2 huge errors in killing off its best character in 20 mins, and the cutaways when godzilla would appear. Which was made worse by the fact that the plot wasn't even about him.

They could have called the film MUTO and advertised it about these 2 huge monsters causing mahem, and just kept godzilla as a secret until the film was released. It would have worked. That's how little he had to do with his own movie.

At least the 98 film the whole plot revolved around the title monster. It was his movie. Every action and reaction in that film was because of him. That's why even when he wasn't on screen you still felt his presence via the wrecked ships and boats being pulled under, etc.

The 2014 film godzilla did nothing but wreck a bridge and finally kill the MUTOs 5 mins before the end.
The mine collapse, power plant/death of Cranston's wife, Cranston's death, airport wreck, train wreck, LasVegas attack, nuclear weapons incidents, most soldiers deaths, basically every plot point/setpiece in the whole movie were all to do with the MUTOs.

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They could have called the film MUTO and advertised it about these 2 huge monsters causing mahem, and just kept godzilla as a secret until the film was released. It would have worked.

And kept the human element at a minimum, movie will be at least a 7/10.