commentary on review

whoever wrote that main review is an idiot... lets examine a few lines:

"check out the facts/lessons that the White House should have heeded"
-yes, if the most educated minds in our nation HAD ONLY watched this film, then we might have made the right decision. what a pity, and so strange that analysts havnt even picked up an intro to middle eastern politics textbook. thank you mister for enlightening us

"Let's face it, the US is only in Iraq for the oil" Do you know what the Iraqi oil draft law is - that thing the democrats required in a timetable? Oh, nevermind, lets just fall back into stereotypes. Its the oil!!!!!!!!!

"Little did I realize that our country's foreign policy is based on what France and Great Britain did about 90 years ago" Yes. That is it. Exactly. Nothing else. We never have to speak of the Ottomans, the Russians, Ba'thists in Syria, Nasserites from Egypt. Our foreign policy is based only of France and the UK, that's why you only mentioned those two states? oh wait, maybe there is something more....?

"The war in Iraq didn't start with Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, or even the production of oil" You're absolutely right. The war did not start with any of those. But the war started with failing sanctions.

I think I can be fairly tolerant of ignorance - after all, its usually defined by apathy rather than intellect. And I commend you for tackling these issues. But i'm not tolerant for confident ignorance. If you don't know anything about Iraq, please don't pretend like you know something. And go read a book, you'll find much more reliable information than by film.


The reviewers atriculation was not at your level granted but your sweeping rebuke of it seems to allow you to dismiss some good points or at least good questions and one has to wonder between the two of you, who is the more objective one?