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Should have stuck with the original title. (Spoilers)

"Veiled Truth" is the more appropriate title for this movie. I don't understand why they changed to name to "What comes around". After all, it is a movie about a woman's failure to tell her husband the "Truth" about herself. Basically its a movie about a woman who refuses to take responsibility for her life. She marries a good guy but doesn't tell him about what happened to her as a kid so she's living a lie. She should have told him and if he really loved her, he would have understood.

Her old pimp suddenly reappears and she knows he killed her cop friend and he threatens her family. He says he only wants money or he'll tell her husband about being a prostitute when she was a young girl. So what makes her think this will end well considering what she knows about this guy? She gets him the money thinking that will end it but then he wants her to sleep with a crime boss client. Come on, does she really think she's going to get rid of this guy by playing along? Yes he threatened her family but what makes her think it will end there by going along and screwing the crime boss? She should have gone to the police immediately upon learning he killed her friend and threatened her family. But no, she just goes along and things get worst.

I find it hard to believe that if she really loved her husband that she would even consider sleeping with the crime boss. At least, at that point upon learning what he wanted her to do next, she should have come clean and told the police and her husband. She should have realized that it would never end with this guy. After all, he did tell her that he owned her. If she loved her husband and believed her husband loved her, and he really did, it would have ended well right there. She doesn't and agrees to sleep with the crime boss. Give me a break! How stupid and naive can this gal be? She just continually makes all the wrong decisions; mostly to prevent her past from being revealed; fearing it would ruin her marriage but resulting in putting her family in further danger. Pitiful!

Of course in the end, she finally does have to come clean with her husband. If I were him, I would really be ticked off and have to reconsider our marriage; not because of her previous life but because of what she didn't do (telling him and the police) which led to endangering the kids.