Chapter headings, v1.00


Dreaming About It
I Need More
Let's Get This Party Started

Passing The Dream
I Got A Job
Newest Addition
Closet Romantic

Going Home
Making It Happen
End Credits

Intermediate headings are my own. Times and chapter numbers relate to my 25fps DVD. 23.976fps disk times are likely to be 4% longer as the difference is often due to replay rates.

0:00:00, Make It Happen (2008) 01 Dreaming About It
0:00:45, radio cd MUSIC, Teach Me How To Dance, p Che'Nelle
0:05:43, car MUSIC, My Way, by Bella Seoul
0:06:37, 02 I Need More
0:07:00, audition number, MUSIC, maybe Recital Wright, c/o With The Quickness
0:07:15, audition place, MUSIC, maybe Jack Attack, c/o With The Quickness
0:07:46, classical audition, MUSIC, maybe Rondo Allegro Assai, c/o With The Quickness
0:08:55, audition, MUSIC, Put It Down, by Zshatwa
0:10:10, cafe MUSIC, feint, Going Home, by MOzella
0:12:55, Dana's flat MUSIC, feint, maybe Sometimes, by Louque
0:14:12, 03 Ruby's, MUSIC, Hustle, by Jamelia
0:17:57, stage Dance, Get What I Want - skewiff remix, by Bitter Sweet
0:22:05, 04 Let's Get This Party Started, MUSIC,
0:23:05, club dance MUSIC, Pick It Up, by LP
0:26:36, two dancer kittens MUSIC, Get Your Shoes On, p Elizabeth Withers
0:27:15, Dana club dance MUSIC, Ruby Blue, by Roisin Murphy
0:31:17, 05 Passing The Dream
0:37:38, Lauryn on stage, MUSIC, Steamy, by Tamara Powell
0:38:33, Lauryn on stage, MUSIC, Shawty Get Loose, p Lil Mama
0:40:30, 06 I Got A Job
0:43:41, Lauryn and Russ collage, MUSIC, Break It Down, by Alana D
0:46:48, 07 Newest Addition, MUSIC, Love Ya, p Unkle Jam
0:54:05, second round application, MUSIC, Bottoms Up, p Keke Palmer
0:55:18, 08 Closet Romantic , MUSIC, Flashback, by Fat Freddy's Drop
0:59:00, on stage, club MUSIC, Beware of the Dog, p Jamelia
1:04:23, 09 Going Home
1:08:08, dance in the garage, MUSIC, Push It, p Salt 'n Pepa
1:10:52, 10 Making It Happen
1:12:21, audition MUSIC, Just Dance, p Lady Gaga
1:14:52, 11 Congratulations
1:16:16, congratulations, MUSIC, So They Say, by Classic
1:16:49, 12 End Credits
1:19:00, end credits, list, Original Music by Paul Haslinger
1:26:18, end

Is it unbelievable that a prestige dance school would say that a dancer needed a soft, feminine, style? Fail the audition there, the young dancer heads to dance in a night club, moving towards a touch of clothes shedding near the start of some of her stage dances.

I can still tolerate this story. Unbelievable, but not everything in it is disease.