okay, i watched this movie even though i wasn't sure what to expect due to the imdb rating.
and what can i say, this movie is way better than 5.0.
it's actually better than most of the dance flicks i've seen recently.
the story may remind you of coyote ugly but than again i liked coyote ugly, too.

the dancing scenes are really good and the leading actress can really act...that's something you can't take for granted in a dance movie.
i liked her waaaaaaaaay better than for example the lead in step up 2.

the fact that there was a bit of berlesque in the choreographies was also very interesting and made a nice difference to all the hip hop dancing you have in most of the other movies.


Yes, I agree with most of what you say.

Yes, Mary Elizabeth Winstead can REALLY act and dance.

Yes, burlesque dancing is very interesting.

Yes, Make It Happen is better than almost all of the dance flicks I've seen in the last 10 years.

BUT, I sort of agree with the 5.0 rating. Although I do want it to get at least a 6.0, I actually expected it to get lower. This is all mainly because I do not like the fact the plot is TOO predictable, and the ending was TOO crappy. I think the plot is one of the very few things I don't like with this film.


Agreed, I really liked it, MEW was great but it was predictable. 

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I liked the actors here also, but the story is trash. It's so formulaic, so unoriginal, that it's almost like there's no story at all. The plot wraps up around an hour and fifteen minutes. The "villain" barely does anything. Her attack on the lead? A snide comment.

Characters were only there to fill their positions. Hero, mentor, friend, love interest, bad guy. Everything here was flat.

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I think this a good enough rating. The dialogue suffers cheesiness and manages to not stand out in the crowd of endless "Dance" movies. Great dancing and good music, but the scenes are predictable and feels like you have seen this movie before.