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The storyline sounds quite good

Apart from the tidal wave of Zombies and cheese like that, the idea of finding an old film reel and it being a brain-washing nazi blah blah blah, is actually quite good!

It must be bad though.

Someone should adapt it to a good film.

Just take out the zombies.


Thanks for the compliment (I came up with the idea and was one of the writers)! Although there are definitely problems with the film (it was our first effort), many can tell you it is indeed enjoyable and fun; nowhere near the 1.2 we have in the ratings (most of those are anonymous votes from a certain person looking to torpedo our efforts). If you read a handful of the reviews, I'm sure you'll get a better picture of the overall project. We have just got a distribution deal, and the movie is available for preorder on It should soon be on NetFlix as well.

Thanks for your interest!

ps Some day, we will adapt it into a "better" film.