My review

This was mostly a blind rental. I had never heard of the movie, or read any reviews. However, the synopsis said ZOMBIES and that's usually good enough for me.

I admit I almost turned it off within 2 minutes. I thought the fact that it wasn't shot on film was going to be too distracting. The budget is low. No, really. LOOOWWWW. It makes Paranormal Activity look like Titanic. Do you know that video you shot of your kid's 7th birthday party in the backyard with the clown and the pinata and the Slip-N-SlideĀ®? Yeah, that piece of cinema had a higher budget.

This horror-comedy takes place in a theater. A Nazi scientist decades earlier stashed a film in the building that will turn viewers into zombies. Of course, the staff finds the reel and, as a goof, decide to show it before the midnight showing of the original Night of the Living Dead. So, now we have two dozen horror film geeks staggering around as the hungry undead.

LEAST SCARIEST ZOMBIES EVER. They shamble ever so slowly, they wave their arms a lot like Sleestaks, and they do the zombie groan.

Once they start to attack, the staff, rather than do something logical like run out of the building since they're in the lobby, sequester themselves upstairs. Apparently this theater doesn't pay the staff well since nobody has a cell phone. The military sets up outside, although the budget doesn't allow us to actually see them, just hear the official voice through a bullhorn.



Once the survivors realize that the zombies were created by the film, they figure showing another film to break them out of it. The ending that follows is so ridiculous and unfunny that it ruins any goodwill the movie has established.


Despite the zero budget, the blood doesn't look too bad. Some decent gore shots as well. The zombie makeup consists of little more than grayish-blue face paint, but it works. The performances were all on the level of a YouTube skit. I'm assuming the cast were all friends of the producers, or locals, because there's no way they could've passed a true audition. On the bright side, they all seem to be having a terrific time.

Flawed, but made by people who obviously love the genre and it shows. A definite for zombie completists, but it's a fun little movie.

I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time.