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Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo UK Premiere on CN Too Today at 8pm

Hello, I just wanted to let all the UK Teen Titans fans know that the UK premiere of Teen Titans Trouble in Tokyo is today at 8pm on CN Too! In the words of Cyborg... 'bout time!

Titans Tower is attacked leading to the Titans (Robin, Raven, Starfire, Cyborg and Beast Boy) going to Tokyo in pursuit. It's a bit like a feature episode, one that Starfire-Robin fans will love.

I thought it was great, really funny, but then I loved the cartoon show. It's a shame there weren't any further direct to DVD teen titans movies.

If you can't catch the show on CN Too, then you can buy it on DVD, which has been out for ages (and yes I own it!) - but you will need a multi-regional DVD player as the DVD is only out in Region 1.


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