How can anyone like this?

This has to be the most boring and uninspired zombie movie i have ever seen. 50 minutes of the movie is just one character or another walking down a hallway with absolutely nothing happening.


That last comment is madness.

Granted this guy may not like the film, but this movie is jam packed with action. In the first 10 minutes there's a zombie frog attack and two people are brutally killed. It goes right from that to the hemophiliac gore fest and then three minutes later is a gruesome autopsy scene. Sure there's a little drama but then the zombies start coming.

I thought about it and there can't be more than 3 minutes of hall walking spread out over the entire film and that's all pretty suspenseful. And the end was great.

Over all this movie has some of the bloodiest scenes that I have ever witnessed. I am a big fan.

I recommend it.


There is a lot of hall walking. And its boring. The frog attack lasts 2 seconds and is stupid. The autopsy scene isn't very gross and it has some dumb mirror effect on it.

Oh,and GabrielSchreklich, this is odd:

Louis Graham .... Dr. Gabriel Schreklich

So either this is the greatest movie ever in your mind or you're a member of the cast/crew that made up this name, using a character in the movie as a basis, so that you could defend this because you worked on it.

Tell me... What part did you play in the making of this film?


"Would anyone like...a peanut?" - Shaun of the Dead


I have to agree with the non cast member in this posting. The movie was horrible.. The mirrored effect was second to none in crappyness. I give you props for making a movie but this one just happend to suck worse than any movie I have ever seen.. EVER.

This movie set the standard for the worst movie ever.. Whenever we see a crappy horror movie we say "Well it wasnt as bad as Leben Tod!" By the way the frog scene was stupid also.. Sorry.

The horrible music and chunky lead singer of the band threw the crappyness way over the top but it was the icing on the crap cake..