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About the 'novel' and 'we would love if new season come'

I just finished the series and the movie. Fall in with the character Haruhi......
but that's not much i know ...there are 11 light novels of Haruhi.
i just start the 1st part of is my 1st novel.....

my question is....

how many part of novel covers the anime and movie...?

and does the story goes farther..? after anime? of course !

and the main thing .... "Will there be a new season?"

i read on some blog or somewhere ....about that Japanese news ....that it is not in production perhaps ..!

i would really love to enjoy if the new season come.... wouldn't you? or


Novels 1-4 are all animated as well as 2/3rds of novel 5.

Novels 6-11 are not animated.

Even though the Disappearance movie was a huge success, the fans are still angry about how Endless 8 was handled. There was also some issues with the Japanese voice actress who played Haruhi being in a sex scandal. And Kyoto Animation also has been more interested in pursuing other projects for the last few years.

So even though there's a significant amount of things that happen in the later novels, but we may never see them be animated.

So there may never be another season of Haruhi. Which sucks, but at least we have the novels.

As far as the novels go, there hasn't been any news on a new novel for a couple of years. But as far as I know more are still planned on being written in the future.