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So I emailed Kyoto Animation

And I asked them if they are going to make more Haruhi Suzumiya.

After translating their reply from Japanese, they said:

A lot of people have been asking, and right now they don't have an answer.

It wasn't a no. :) We can keep hoping for more!


Considering that there are more novels, that doesn't come as a surprise.

If anything, I would like them to clear up the vagueness about Fullmetal Panic.


I want Kyoani to make more Haruhi so bad! It would be awesome.

I don't know what I'm hoping for more though...more anime or a new novel.

I guess if a novel comes out I'd probably have to wait months and months for a fan translation (or a few years for an official one, considering official English translations are still only up to Book 7 with 8,9,10 still underway).

But with anime I'll be able to watch fansubs pretty much immediately as they are released. Though they are generally poor in video quality. And again, an English translation would probably be a little bit of a wait. Also the anime will be stories I've already read. But still. It would be freaking amazing because I think they could make some of the stuff that happens in the novels freaking epic in anime form.

Either way though I just need a Haruhi fix really badly. I watched the two seasons, the movie, Haruhi-chan, the manga, the spinoff manga from "Disappearance" that stars Nagato, and I've read all of the novels.

I should be satisfied with all of that, but I'm not :P Just left wanting more!


I would much prefer to get a final season of Full Metal Panic! Not that I would mind another season of Haruhi's antics


Thanks for letting us know OP =)