Don't watch this series.

I just finished. I've not seen the movie, should I?

This series is nothing but waste of time. I've seen a lot of anime, but I nothing this bad. Why does people like it?

It's got no tension, no red thread to follow, not an interesting story, no fan-service to make up for the bad parts, no humour (didn't make me laugh anyway), and not really any likeable characters.

This is the first time I've been this disappointed in an anime that supposedly should be really good.


I thought the fate of the world being tried to some brats subconscious kind of added tension? also found that interesting enough at least for the first half of the series.

not really sure what you mean by red thread? but the romance could have been done in more depth I got the impression the main guy had something for Suzumiya but through the rest of the series he seemed to drool over the time traveller (sorry I suck with names even more when they are not English names) would have liked more consistency there or maybe I misread it or maybe its just a cultural thing? (I dislike 3+ person love triangles especially when they go unresolved)

I don't really mind there is little to no 'fan-service' not that into it.

anyway I enjoyed the series right up to the endless eight (dont need to say more on that) after that point I just couldn't enjoy the show as much not sure if that experience soured it or if the writing had declined in quality.

I think the movie is worth watching and thought it redeemed the series some, I would probably say watch the movie if you enjoyed the first half of the series.


Maybe "a red thread" isn't an expression in English. Thinking about it, I might have been wrong about a red thread missing anyway. A red thread simply means a prevalent theme or a singular story that is persistent through a book/film/series.

Still, it felt like the story was going nowhere. It was just Suzumiya's friends who had to go along with whatever she wanted all the time. No romance was developing, except for someone liking someone else, but not confessing, not taking it anywhere.

In the beginning of the series I found it a bit interesting that Suzumiya could change the whole world just by wanting to change it, and she probably had done so already. I thought that we might learn more about how Suzumiya got to have these powers. Could she learn to control them? Could she be stripped of those powers somehow? But at the end it wasn't about that at all. No explanation whatsoever.

Of course I don't seriously mean that it should have fanservice, but bad anime often have, just to keep attention.

Endless eight.... Terrible! Why??? I skipped through most of them though.

About the movie, will it give some sort of closure, explain more things, or is it just about a new crazy idea that Suzumiya's crew have to put up with?


Endless eight.... Terrible! Why???

not sure if you really want an explanation or not but I will put my thoughts on it anyway :)

on first watch through I thought it was maybe below average episode, something similar I had seen on another show as a send off episode after all the main plots were tied up and there was nothing else left but to show interactions and the group enjoying themselves.

second watch, is this the same episode? no I'm seeing some different things I give it the benefit of the doubt and find out about the time loop even though I have now seen the same episode twice I press on.

3rd watch about half way thought I have to hit pause, did I play the last episode again by mistake? I have seen this thing already!, I check and there are another 5 episodes with the same title, It can't be..... I check some forums.

my suspicions are confirmed they wasted 8 episodes on a plot that (I think) could and should have been done in 1, I skip to the end of episode 8 and frustratingly watch the conclusion.

I feed bad for the people that had to watch it weekly over several months.

A red thread simply means a prevalent theme

ah then maybe red thread is Suzumiya and the crazy things that go on around her if that counts?

No romance was developing

have to agree they are such teases what was the kiss in closed space about and they never bring it up ever again.

About the movie, will it give some sort of closure, explain more things, or is it just about a new crazy idea that Suzumiya's crew have to put up with?

unfortunately it gives no closure on anything but its not as focused on Suzumiya as much infact (minor spoiler) she dosn't even appear at all for the first half of the movie but it is essentially just another episode just extra long.

overall I have probably seen better but I don't think this series is bad, I would say it is different.


I really did like the series. Personally I liked the series because it addresses reality manipulation in a way that's unique and interesting. I also like the characters.

The story is about a girl so powerful that she attracts the attention of aliens, psychics, and time travelers. The thread is that they must be careful to make sure that they don't do anything that would cause Haruhi to decide to recreate reality again. Everything we see revolves around the time travelers, psychics and aliens attempt to protect their reality.

The so called love triangle is important because it creates an interesting delimea. Kyon is just friends with Haruhi, but it's pretty clear Haruhi has a crush on Kyon. Kyon on the other hand really likes the time traveler and the time traveler really likes Kyon as well. The thing is they can never act on their affections for one another because if Haruhi ever found out there's no telling what she would do.

I agree the Endless Eight and the Sigh of Haruhi was slightly annoying because the story was drawn out far too long, but I did like what the plots were addressing. The Endless Eight was a type of Groundhog Day scenario . Stylistically it was cool, but the plot could have been completed in two or three episodes. Same holds true for the Sigh of Haruhi.

The movie is about Kyon learning to appreciate Haruhi. In the past all he did was complain about the craziness that Haruhi caused, but then something happens that gives him the opportunity to change reality so that everything is normal. No psychics, aliens, or time travelers. All the SOS brigade are still there, but they would be regular human beings. When faced with this option only then does he begin to appreciate how exciting Haruhi made his life. I liked the movie.