Somethings up with Kyon

The theory that Kyon might have some sort of power has been brought up before on the boards. I always thought this was a cool idea but didn't see really any evidence to support that claim besides speculation. After watching episode three last night, I have a different outlook on it. In episode three where Haruhi splits everyone up into groups, she holds toothpicks in her hand and makes everyone pick one. Kyon is matched up with Mikuru and Haruhi looks pissed about it. Now if Haruhi really has god like powers and can will everything from making aliens, time travelers and espers appear; than forcing her will into something simple like picking the right toothpick should be easy, right? Haruhi even tries the process again during lunch with the gang, she has such a confident look to her as she ask everyone to pick again. Again Haruhi is denied in her attempt to be matched up with Kyon and looks even more pissed as she stomps away. I find this very interesting because Haruhi gets her way for the rest of the series but why couldn't she be matched up with Kyon at this point? ( I should clarify that she gets her way unless Kyon talks her out of it, but she never gets flatly denied like in this sequence) I think it might have something to do with that after this event Kyon finds out that when Haruhi doesn't get her way, the world is in deep trouble. So did Kyon somehow override Haruhi's will with his own power?


I've thought this too.

In storytelling there's the concept of the "untrustworthy narrator" - Kyon is telling us the story so he could be making all sorts of stuff up. We only know what he knows, and he only knows what he sees.

It's entirely possible that Kyon is really the one with the power - isn't Kyon there every time Haruhi's power is manifest? Couldn't he be the one seeing what she wants & creating it for her?

It's not like Haruhi is changing the world when Kyon is not around. There are no episodes (to my recollection) where Haruhi changed the word arbitrarily outside of their little group & then the group had to go set things right.

It could be that Kyon is the one changing the world & Haruhi may be a manifestation of his subconscious desire for there to be a more interesting world. It's also possible that everyone but him & Haruhi know this & all the stuff they say about Haruhi really applies to him.


Perhaps there is another possibility. Perhaps neither one has power by themselves, but instead the power requires the presence of both.