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Can someone explain the 'Disappearance of Haruhi' for me?

I know I should really go to the movie forum for this but for some reason that msg board has not been visited since September so I thought I'd try my chances here. There's only one thread on that msg board but its basically the same question and reading the answers on the thread only succeed in confusing me even more:P

Alright, I've watched the movie a good four times now, both in jap and english and I still find myself confused at exactly the same spot. For me, the plot and its inner workings on alt dimensions and time travel are all good with me right up until Kyon wakes up in the hospital completely okay, no stab wound, and is then told he ends up there b/c he fell (pushed) down the stairs.

HUH?! When, where, how, why? First, the guy was stabbed pretty good, where did his stab wound go? Second, whats up with him being pushed down the stairs? Why is that necessary?! For me, that incident is totally unnecessary and the most confusing.

From my standpoint, if Future Kyon shoots Yuki with the restablizier gun or whatever after Protagonist Kyon was stabbed that should've reset everything. Kyon should've just woken up in his bed on Dec 18 with no stabwound, but at the very least still keep his memories of the whole experience. I know his kept memories are another loophole but whatever I'm willing to let that one slide for plot convenience if someone can just explain the other stuff for me ;_;. Pretty please.

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From my standpoint, if Future Kyon shoots Yuki with the restablizier gun or whatever after Protagonist Kyon was stabbed that should've reset everything. Kyon should've just woken up in his bed on Dec 18 with no stabwound

I assumed with the original time-line restored. kyon never has to go back and get the cure and was never at that point to get stabbed so his wounds vanish.

It is a paradox because the cure wouldn't exist then reality wouldn't be restored but different writers deal with paradoxes however they want. I read this as if the events still happened from the perspective of the past. alternative future Kyon still appears in the past and they still got a reality reset.

the story also mentions several times towards the end they still need to time travel to fix things, I think it is implied future kyon is the one that eventually hits her with the dart.

I think the falling or being pushed down the stairs is possibly something their future selves do from an unmade tie-in story? maybe he needed to be unconscious to retain his memories from the alternative reality (like time travel in the movie langoliers) or maybe they just needed that version of him out of the way? but its all speculation on my part.

I have no idea if that helped and I could be off the mark as its been a while and its no longer fresh in my mind but that's my best guess.



Your answer did help me understand where his stab wound disappeared. Since everything resets, he would've never been stabbed. That makes sense to me. And I do understand that the whole thing contradicts itself b/c it is one giant paradox and well, I'm starting to think paradox is just another way of saying loophole. But thus is the nature of a series like this.

What I still don't accept or get is why he has to wake up in the hospital due to his accident. I'm starting to think that the writer just put the hospital scene in there for the same of an emotional/romantic moment for Kyon and Haruhi :p. Which is fine I guess, it was a very sweet moment. And of course it led to that scene on the roof b/t Kyon and Yuki.

Btw, I freaking love your icon here: ¯\(°_o)/¯

Awesome XD.

Thanks for your answer.

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According to the Haruhi Wikia Nagato healed Kyon after he was stabbed. Basically the story continues, in the manga I think. So they actually readdress the scene where he gets stabbed. basically when he goes back in time again to stop Nagato from changing reality again he takes Nagato with him. miya

My question is why was Kyon the only person able remember the original timeline? Did Yuki let him remember on purpose, was it a by product of her "malfunction" or was it something else?


Yeah, he really was stabbed. But then he got healed by Nagato while he was unconscious (her nano machines are pretty OP), sent back in time, and then thrown down the stairs.

Time travel in Haruhi is weird because there are no alternate dimensions or paradoxes. Everything that happens is predetermined for whatever reason (probably at the whim of Haruhi). Kyon is always very careful to maintain this static time line with everything he does, because he is afraid of causing any kind of catastrophic alteration. So whenever he travels to the past he tries to make things happen as his previous self had already experienced.


As far as Nagato's reasons for not altering Kyon's memories go, I think that was explained in the movie itself. I always have assumed it was because he's the only person she trusts enough to make such an important decision about the fate of the world (herself included). It becomes apparent that Kyon is basically everything to her and is more important than even her mission with Haruhi.

The popular idea for all those shippers out there is that she loves him. And I don't disagree, but I think it goes even deeper than that though and could play into the "Kyon is the real God" idea. She might be the only character who is prescient enough to be able to realize to even a small degree that he isn't the ordinary human that everyone thinks. I won't go into the details but there are a lot of things that happen in the later books that give some credence to this theory.