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Straight up your heart? What episode was that?

I remember the last episode being when Jackie and Tara are stuck in a veterans bar and Jackie drinks absynth. What was Straight up your heart about?

I need more parts...


they just rerain straight up your heart this past was the one where tara gets a promotion at work (despite doing zero for the company, the exec promoted her because she would be the first woman promoted from within and they badly wanted a headline referencing the company) so tara is now in development, and she's trying to find a script that she can take to her boss and impress her....(one of her new bosses tells her---we're looking for a rom com that people won't boo when they hear that's its the in flight movie!)

jackie is all psyched like yeah we made it! and tara's like no we need something more broad, i can't give em your werid arty things, we need something with heart, and jackie shoots back with i'll give you so much heart, you'll have heart left over in your fridge the next morning....(among jackie's brillant ideas include a romance about a woman and a man who's reincarnated soul goes inside a squirrel.) tara eventually finds a script and gives the young woman who wrote the script some notes, annoying her, eventually jackie writes a script that's a reg rom com that tara really likes (woodman you did it!) and is about to throw at her boss, only it turns out her boss is sleeping with the young woman whose script tara was about to give to him, so jackie woodman gets the shaft yet again. d'oh.

the white zone is for unloading passengers...

who shot who in the what now?