'Awaiting five votes' . . . STILL????

C'mon people. We know that's bullsh*t. Because of IMDB's "average weighted balance," you know they just can't believe that THIS show, primarily targeted at women (somewhat looking to pick up an audience where SATC left off), could possibly merit anything higher than a five.

I watched the Sex and the City debacle as thousands of males cast their votes of "1", even before the movie opened, trying to bring/keep down the score, as votes ran 3:1 males to females (as if...), until only recently when people who actually SAW the movie got around to voting. There were even posts and "campaigns" on male-oriented websites (like gaming sites) trying to recruit young, angry men to vote down SATC. Can you imagine women wasting their time on such a thing?

And with a very active IMDB account (voting, reviewing, researching, etc.) I have surmised that the IMDB staff are primarily men who can NOT for the life of them, figure out how to critique material written by, directed by, or targeted to females (of any age). Just look at scores given by IMDB staff to any female-driven/targeted film. I suppose they're no different from the vast male movie-going audience, or the vast male movie-making producers/directors, and the vast male majority of screenwriters. They believe THEIRS is the only opinion that matters.

Take a look at the IMDB vote break-down for any women-targeted film you can think of. Surprise! They nearly all have a majority of males voters. No joke. I'm not speaking to the quality of any of these films-- just to the voting record. No wonder they keep making bad Rom-Coms. Women don't bother to vote so Hollywood doesn't know what they want.

Here are the "chickiest" of recent "chick flicks" (I HATE that moniker) I could think of...

Baby Mama......................Male 2532......Female 1376
Material Girls...................Male 4266......Female 2616
The Nanny Diaries...........Male 4767......Female 2643
No Reservations...............Male 5989......Female 2543
P.S. I Love You.................Male 6998......Female 5770
27 Dresses........................Male 7399......Female 6055
The Devil Wears Prada.....Male 25,638...Female 11,665
The Notebook...................Male 30,223...Female 21,837

In fact the ONLY female-centered, female-targeted movie I could find where female voters outnumbered males was...

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
5748 females to 3761 males. And it earns a solid 7. AND, they're making a sequel.

As for mainstream fare like Knocked Up, Indiana Jones, and Get Smart, the numbers of males to females voting are STAGGERING.

Why do so many males make an effort to be heard? And why do so few women? Why are so many males confident their opinions matter? Are there THAT many male movie critics out there? (I know it can seem like it...) Maybe girls and women just don't care? Hmmmm.

So speaking of women and their time: if more women would take just two seconds to vote on IMDB EACH and EVERY time they see a movie or love--or hate-- a show, it could possibly make a difference. Industry folks do look at these numbers (along with box office $$$).

And if you want to see more of "Minor Accomplishments," put in your vote, tell your friends to watch, spread the word.


You go, girl... ah, woman... I gave Accomplishments a 10; SATC? a 5... it's called an editor... 2 1/2 hours!!?? C'mon... I'm not a fan of the TV show but when I was invited to see it with a group of flight attendants, I had to go or else turn in my penis...


Hey you with the penis--

We don't care what you think. Didn't you get that?


Good GRIEF, A New Earth! What's w/ the hostility?!? While jaredbaxter’s snarky comment was unnecessary, perhaps you missed the OP’s point? I don't think you stmt reflects what Social_Correspondent was trying to get across @ all.

Regardless of what guys do or don't do, I think she's simply encouraging women to speak up (and be heard) by voting on what they see on film and TV.

It's gonna be fun on the bun!



I submitted my vote forever ago, but I don't think my votes count. Why would that be?


I am a male that likes chick flicks.I gave this a 9.I did not see
it on tv.I do not have the IFC channel.I rented it from Net Flix.