cctv near you?

i live on a ranch, seemingly in the middle of nowhere south west alberta, no houses either side of us for at least 8km 360 degrees.

in 2010 june 11, i noticed a ball hanging from a power line across the main highway entering our property, not actually on our property. i wounder who had access to that imagery? i dont even know when it was installed.
from its location it could conceivably 'look' right into our living room and my children's play room and our front lawn and receiving area.

my husband got paranoid enough to shoot it down with few rocks.
inside the camera was a 10.5mpx kodak camera with a zoom and a light meter, and a bunch of 3g network stickers.
we kept the camera and so far no one has come to complain or re claim it.

bizarre, anyone else live rural and have a camera near them?


Just goes to show how they waste taxpayer money installing these stupid things and then never use them. They don't even miss them.