I wish...

Damn, I wish I could have this entire thing on DVD, just for kicks. Anyone know if it would ever be available (in THIS format) on DVD? I mean, I have the trilogy already, but have some sort of a weird nostalgia for this particular presentation.


Me too - I would love to see this and the Godfather epic!

...now I do it just to watch their f----n' expression change.


Me three. I love watching the deleted scenes that significantly add to the story overall, and I also like watching the chronological order of the events. Not to say that this diminishes the original Godfather I and II, but I just love the mini-series as well.

Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability.


Funny little story about this...

The newsagency and lotto shop around the corner from my house used to have this thing on VHS in a little back room where they had a couple of hundred videos available to rent. They closed that part of the business many years ago, and sold all the tapes, and if I had known just how rare this thing is I would have coughed up five bucks and bought it for sure.

Alas, I didn't know, and the opportunity passed. But I have held an old VHS box set of this (I think it was titled 'The Godfather Experience' or some such) in my hands.

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on amc tonight. showing it a couple more times starting in approx 90 min.

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The best version of this you can find is the one on laserdisc. It's called the Godfather Legacy I believe, and it combines the first two, edited in for scenes of both movies to run in chronological order, though I can't remember if it added the third one on at that point or if there was a later, separate release that added the third one in when it came out.

The only thing I'm not sure about is whether this is the exact same edit used on televisions, because I'm pretty sure there's no editing in the sense of any of the violence or language used on the laserdisc copy and I'm presuming they had to cut some of that out for the tv version.

While it's not dvd, and I really wouldn't expect a dvd or blu-ray or any other future medium version, the laserdisc can still be found occasionally on ebay and laserdisc players are supercheap now. If you're a bit of a cinephile you can find the best versions available of a number of films that haven't made their way to blu-ray, and they'll almost always be of better quality than their VHS tape counterparts.