The Godfather Epic available

I did a pretty thorough search for The Godfather Epic last week and found several on ebay for $50 - $90, depending on bidding, though only on vhs. I successfully bought a quality box edition on vhs-hifi at a great price. I'm one of the lucky ones that still has a functioning vcr and it is wired into my computer to at least allow me to digitize it and watch it on my home theater as well as other hard to obtain and family videos.

For those who have never watched The Godfather, I strongly recommend watching it in it's original format before watching this chronological special edition. One can get a firmer base on the growth and timeline of the characters from this edition of the first 2 movies. It seems Robert DeNiro was born to play this and other similar types of roles.

During my search I found the below link, I can't tell you anything about the quality, but it does state that it is a dvd-r copy of the set. It sells for $16 or make offer, so you're on your own as far as that goes. If anyone does buy this please leave feedback for others as to the quality and dependability of the person. He/she also has a big listing of other vhs converted dvd's. I am not connected with these persons in any way, just trying to help out. 392778


I bought the VHS box set when it first came out. It's an amazing version. You can usually download it from bitorrent sites in pretty good quality.

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