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I'm on the fence about this film

Let me start off by stating the obvious: This is the best film in the series. Props to Joe Lynch.

The BAD: The first half of the movie. Outside of that amazing intro with Kimberly Caldwell, and the interesting reality show concept, the first half of the film comes off like a Syfy channel movie. I mean, it REALLY does. If you don't see that, than you're either being biased, or you have blinders on. The characters are all ridiculously, two-dimensional. RIDICULOUSLY, TWO-DIMENSIONAL. Plus, there are times when Joe seems like he's showing off his director's d*ck. Those multiple long takes during the character mingling scene were SO unnecessary. Lol. Tell me I'm wrong.

THE GOOD: The second half. I'd say right around the time they start eating Kimberly is when *beep* really picks up. The remaining characters are fleshed out, the mutant family comes more into focus, and the old man makes a return! I love all the bits with the family. The incestuous *beep* between the brother and sister, dad showing son how to shoot, the family watching TV and eating together, good *beep*

Overall I'd give it a 7/10. It isn't entirely good, but it's pretty good, and definitely entertaining.


I agree with everything you said. First moved slow and then it seemed to catch some steam. The first part while there was not a lot of action, it still seems keep the movie interested