The mutants are hot!!!

Haha! gotcha! I'm actually talking about the actors who played them! Most of them are stunt men and women with athletic, rockin' bodies and beautiful faces! I THOUGHT the sister mutant looked Asian! lol She is!

And "pa" and "brother"...I somehow could tell they were both attractive even with all that monster makeup. Look at their profile pics! They are so f-ing sexy! Movie magic!!! lol And "pa" is played by the same big guy who plays Jason Voorhees! Pretty cool stuff. This movie was goofy and cliched and often very stupid, but I loved any parts with the mutant cannibal family. I actually rooted for them! I thought the part with the dad teaching his boy how to hunt was charming. I'm kind of sick like that. Hehehe.
(Dinner scene)
"Ow furrr...ahntihehvn...(mumble mumble mumble)...amen." LMAO

Sister's my fav character. She's a psychotic little b---ch, but what a badass! You don't mess with Sister, or even look at her Brother, she'll cut your face off and wear it as a hat! lol