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What are the characters up to in the 80s?

According to you? I think Peggy in the 80s get a short haircut and started her own company. And she and Stan broke up.
Don i think he just does "big name" commercials,like the Coca Cola one,then he dies around 1984.
Roger i think died around the end of the 70s.
Stan doesnt have a beard anymore

Write your own imaginations too!


They all die of lung cancer.


original joke *sarcasm*


Roger would be unlikely to make it to the 80s.

I guess Don would live another decade or two and as the OP suggests, work on the biggest accounts before collapsing of a heart attack in his early 60s.

Peggy is a successful ad agent with a string of failed romances behind her.

Pete makes a living earning big bucks and then blowing it all. Assuming he manages not to kill someone in a desperate rage, he is still an agent, works on big accounts but never makes it to the very top.

Joan is an Oscar-winning film producer.

Sally is a vegan health freak who, after Betty’s death, devotes herself to trying to force her dad to mend his ways. Unsuccessfully, of course. They have frequent, lengthy fall-outs over the last years of his life, but his deathbed reconciliation with her would make one of the best lump in throat TV scenes ever...


Very interesting the Joan one! About Sally,i really hope her to live a life of adventures like Betty wrote to her in her letter.


Me too! Sally deserved that. Such a good character, I was really impressed with how she grew and developed as the show progressed, from virtually a background kid to arguably one of the richest and most interesting characters on the series.