Armageddon Card

what is yours?

-The New Women's Champion Mickie James



*Spoiler Below*

Rey Mysterio vs. Vicki Guerrero
If Rey loses, he loses his mask
If Vicki loses, she loses her kids forever and must get her head shaved bald!
Special Guest Referee:The Ghost of Eddie Guerrero

Next Women's Champion, Mickie James



there should be a six man hell in a cell match for the title:

batista vs booker vs undertaker vs kane lashley vs great khali



Paul London vs Brian Kendrick
Special Guest ref Ashley

We all see this coming right? I'm betting Kendrick's growing jealously will cause the Hooliganz to lose the tag titles before Armageddon. Who will win? Could go either way, should be an awesome match though.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Gregory Helms(c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang

Helms is a good wrestler but has been a poor cruiserweight champion. Time for the Japanese Redneck to capture the belt. A fued between Wang and Noble afterwards would write itself.

WWE Tag Team Championships
Mr. Kennedy and MVP(c) vs The Brothers of Destruction (Kane and Taker)

Well the fued between these guys seems to be going until atleast December. MVP and Kennedy work together well and would be a good choice to take the titles from the Hooliganz (Hey who else is there? They're still a better choice then the Teacher's Pets). So another encounter between them with gold on the line would be interesting.

WWE United States Championship
Chavo Guerrero(c) vs Matt Hardy or Vito

I'm betting Chavo takes the US title at Survivor Series, I could be wrong but I'm going with that anyway. Then it's only a question of naming a contender for the belt.

Batista vs Finlay

Has this fued been dropped or is it just on the back burner? Who knows, but fueds rarely end after one match. Could Finlay cost the Animal the title again at Survivor Series? Here's hoping.

The Miz vs The Boogeyman

Some stipulation will be added to this match, like if the Miz tries to walk out he's fired. This would be considered a bathroom break match.

World Heavyweight Championship
King Booker(c) vs Chris Benoit

Maybe I'm dreaming, but I see a real chance for the WWE to give Benoit another shot at the World title. If Benoit drops the belt at Survivor Series and Booker retains his title this could happen.

We've Cena Nuff


king booker vs batista no holds barred match world heavyweight title match

undertaker vs kennedy hell in a cell match

mvp vs kane casket match

matt hardy vs gregory helms cruiserweight title match


Mr. Kennedy Vs. Matt Hardy.
Cruiserweight Title: Gregory Helms Vs. Jimmy Wang Yang.
Kane Vs. MVP (First Blood).
Tag Team Titles: London and Kendrick Vs. William Regal and Finlay.
Chavo Vs. Vito.
U.S. Title: Chris Benoit Vs. Mike Mizanin.
Boogeyman Vs. King Booker.
World Title: Batista Vs. Undertaker.


Undertaker vs mr kenedy in a last ride match
kane vs MVP in an inferno match
King Booker vs batista rematch
chavo vs beniot v finlay
some sort of santa claws skit
a diva match
cruiserweight title match
and a card filler


Undertaker vs Kennedy Last Ride Match
MVP vs Kane Inferno Match
John Cena & Batista vs Booker & Finlay
Benoit vs Chavo ReMatch
London/Kendrick vs Regal/Taylor Tag Team Title Match
Boogeyman vs Miz
Matt Hardy vs Gregory Helms CruiserWeight Title Match


Undertaker vs Kennedy - Last Ride Match
MVP vs Kane - Inferno Match
John Cena & Batista vs Booker & Finlay
Benoit vs Chavo -US Title Rematch
London/Kendrick vs Regal/Taylor - Tag Team Title Match
Boogeyman vs Miz
Jimmy Wang Yang vs Gregory Helms - CruiserWeight Title Match


- Taker wins, he jobbed to MVP at SS so he'll win this

- MVP wins, cant see him being caught on fire, Kane will somehow and end up taking a break (i heard he wanted time off soon on i think)

- Booker and Finlay win due to some sort of screwjob (eg. title shot to either guy's head etc. Otherwise, why didnt Batista put his title on the line in a triple threat? They sadly wanna keep it on him for Royal Rumble)

- Chavo wins - Benoit won at SS, Vicki will screw Benoit somehow.

- Regal/Taylor wins (if Taylor has recovered from his injury that is. London costs his team the match by looking after Ashley after she gets knocked off apron or something. I think this could also happen on Smackdown, before or after Armageddon when Taylor recovers if he hasnt already.)

- Boogeyman wins by squash.

- Jimmy Wang Yang wins - Id be surprised if Helms retains again, too long to keep any belt and it has made cruiserweight division stagnant IMO)

thanks for reading, any feedback would be great. i hope im wrong with these because WWE has become so predictable now, especially Raw and Smackdown.

ECW PPV was worst EVER! no joke


Batista & ? (John Cena) vs. Booker T & Finlay

Kane vs. MVP in an Inferno match

Undertaker vs. Mr. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match

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