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My personal rankings of the franchise and please do post yours.

The Scary Movie franchise has been a very much a huge impact on my childhood and I thought why wouldn't I give my worst to best rankings of the franchise:

Scary Movie V(2013): F-
"This film was just pure awful and threw away too much of what made a Scary Movie a Scary Movie with the absence of Anna Farris & Regina Hall.The film had outdated movie references and out of place genre film references.Too many stupid jokes barely a entertaining watch"

Scary Movie 4(2006): D
"This film is awful just pure awful but since I grew up with it I have a soft spot for it.The film to me at least has some small traces of a Scary Movie to be somewhat redeemable"

Scary Movie 3(2003): B-
"The lack of the Wayan's Brothers totally hit the franchise hard and is a major reason why we got that terrible fifth film.This film has some fun moments but it lacks that edge Part's 1 & 2 had.The film didn't work in it's humor of The Ring and Signs"

Scary Movie(2000): A
"A bloody amazing comedy the Wayans brothers sure showed that overrated trash Scream a good mocking with this awesome fun driven motion picture grade a stuff"

Scary Movie 2(2001): A+
"Great times,Great memories make this a fun watch the Wayans Brothers sure did show off the works with this terrific sequel"

Now list yours and please do provide reasons to your decisions.


Scary Movie A+
Original and ridiculously funny, it covered so many horror films, broke the 4th wall, and there's so many quotables.

Scary Movie 2 A+
Funny on such a new level for changing themes from Slasher to supernatural. "CHECK THE *beep* MUSIC ROOM!"

Scary Movie 3 B+
Still funny, but lacked the charm of the Wayans. 8 Mile is not a horror film either. This sequel has less than half of the amount of films parodied in the original 2. So many missed opportunities but "Cydney, the TV IS LEAKING!" And the president was hilarious also with Cindy of course.

Scary Movie 4 D+
Some good humor like The Grudge but once again, War of the Worlds isn't really horror. If they were going to do sci-fi horror, do more Alien or something. This lacked on so many levels.

Scary Movie 5 C
I enjoyed it for what it was worth but it was pretty dumb on so many levels. It just felt confused but the Evil Dead jokes and the girl acting like a dog at the end was pretty hilarious. Better than 4 IMO but I miss Cindy and Brenda and the Wayans.