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Scary Movie 6 (MY SUGGESTION)

This may seem crazy but, if The Weinsteins are thinking of making "Scary Movie 6" (before anyone disagrees with me), here's what I suggest:
-Solid R Rating like the first two
-Try to REHIRE the Wayans
-If the Wayans refuse to return again, hire INTELLIGENT writers who seen all the Scary Movie films
-Have them spoof the latest HORROR (I repeat HORROR) movies. Not Scifi or a random genre.
-Recurring Characters (like Anna Faris as Cindy, Regina Hall as Brenda, etc.) must RETURN, if not, at least a cameo.
-Cast FUNNY people
-Make it the LAST one.
-If none of this works, then don't make it.

"Scream 5" on the hand, I'm aware that the formula is dated, but just one more film;
-It has to be tense.

No more "Spy Kids" movies.