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Rolling stone article on Nate norman and his story.

I have not seen the movie yet but I do not expect the movie to be too faithful to the excellent rolling stone article. Go on google and type Nate norman and you will see the rolling stone article link.


I looked it up -- from 2005: -cannabis-20130606


article is a good read. very amusing.

movie is a turd.

i like topher. in the movie and article. feel sorry for him only


Thank you for your thoughts, Christopher.


Thanks for saving me the trouble. The movie was great and since it was based on a true story I knew I would have to hunt down what actually happened. The movie did go way over the top in a few places. Seriously, being offered to smuggle 100 pounds after only one run of a whole pound? And then upping it to 300?

Were these people high or something?

I was very pleased to see that the rolling paper business cards were real. That's a nice touch.

One thing that's really screwed up though and I'll quote the RS article, adding my own emphasis:

Nate pleaded guilty to five of the fifty-nine counts against him and received a twelve-year sentence; ten years of the sentence is a mandatory minimum and not subject to parole. Giovanni Mendiola, by contrast, pleaded guilty to the murder of Brendan Butler and received a life sentence with a possibility of parole in eight years.

And to think all this went down in a sleepy little town in the northern tip of Idaho that I'd wager 95% of Americans have never even heard of.

Despite the fact that the DEA and other law enforcement agencies will celebrate the winning of such battles as convicting Nate Norman, the truth is that the drug war is lost. The drugs won.

They should have all just split as soon as they heard about Butler being murdered.


It's not that sleepy. Rolling Stone made it out to be this little town but it's not. Coeur D'Alene is basically a suburb of Spokane, WA. The entire metro area is about 600,000 people. Not a huge city by any means, but not exactly Mayberry either.

Lots of people have heard of it, as it's a big tourist destination and several celebrities have summer homes there like Oprah, Matthew McConaughey, John Elway among others. Wayne Gretzky hosted an all star hockey tournament there last summer.