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Love the line about karma at the end (possible spoiler)

I found it ironic that Nate saidhe was hurt, and that karma would come around and bite Topher for betraying him to the cops when he stabbed Topher in the back right from the get go. Maybe he just thought he was above showing his friend any loyalty, but I lost all sympathy for that fat jerk when he tried paying Topher like one of his other minions. Even when he conceeds and pays him 10k, he smugly narrates that he's still making out like a bandit, so he is in no way treating his friend fairly or with respect. Yes, Nate might have been the mastermind, however, he did lead his friend to believe that he was a partner, not an employee. Although I didn't really care for Nate before that point; I lost all sympathy for him after that, and enjoyed watching him eventually get caught. There's your karma, jack*ss. Think of that while you're trying to not drop the soap.

That said, it was a good film with a great cast. Definitely reccomend seeing it.


Nate Norman was the mastermind before anything, yes Topher was his best friend, but he ended up making millions of dollars and Topher definitely got a very good cut. I do not believe Topher was getting paid as much as everyone else, and even so, Nate met up with the financial side of things and literally put his life on the line.


Yeah kind of funny as Nate was the one actually risking his own life and the life of his family, even if someone else screws up. He vouched with his life. And in the end he was the one holding the bill while the others snitched on him.

It's a good question if it would have gone smoother if he had shared equally. But how to share the risk to his own life?


Remember that scene where the little kid comes up to them in the restaurant thinking that Topher is the leader and ignores Nate? Given the entire group knows Nate is the brains who of them would brag that Topher is the leader besides Topher? Nate's brother even knew what was going on because he heard others talking about it.

Someone in that group was talking and I think it's implied it was Topher. Topher's the one who made runs by himself and brought in the rat who ended up bringing the entire operation down. If anything, that's exactly why Topher didn't deserve a special cut, he was an idiot.

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Yeah I agree, he got what was coming for him more or less.

He started out as likeable and naive but as the movie develops he got a toughened mind that cared more about the money than his friends.

I felt like had he not been locked up he would have turned out just like his nemesis played by Aaron Yoo (who for me was the best character in the movie).

It was an interesting ride tho, and where many lesser movies would just have the lead go from 'good guy' to 'bad guy' in the blink of an eye this one actually took it's time with it and it felt like a natural progression.

And it was interesting that we never found out if he was responsible for paying off the hitmen that were supposed to kill him to kill his nemesis instead.

Some characters could have been dug into a little deeper tho but yeah good movie.

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