Half surprise

I went into this thinking

A) It's going to be surprisingly good like Spring Breakers surprisingly was

B) It was going to be ok like Project X was but still entertaining like Project X

C) This was going to be passable like Fun Size was

D) Not really good much like The Bling Ring

F) Total garbage like Behaving Badly

My score is a Spring Breakers A. I was quite surprised but both these movies were surprisingly good. Great acting, interesting plots (both had not so likable endings), engaging soundtracks, and just a different goodness to them


Spring Breakers was *beep* compared to this ....


It was a lot better than I expected.

Its that man again!!


I saw this listed on Netflix and thought it would be stupid based on the DVD cover. Just thought it would be another stupid R rated sex comedy. Then I heard that it was based on a true story and John C. McGinnley (sp?) from Scrubs was on here and wanted to see him in a different type of role.

This movie was surprisingly good. Glad I (eventually) gave it a chance.


It was a positive surprise for me too. I expected some stupid pothead comedy, but it had actually rather interesting plot.