Minor questions

Just finished watching. Altho i wasn't completely satisfied with the ending, still thought it is a great serie. I still have 2 minor questions, may contain some spoilers.

The Holy Grail is destroyed now, but it was destroyed before right? So in fact the 'game' could start again some time. Or do i miss something?

And why didn't Saber drink from the grail and then destroy it? She could have gotten a second life then and the grail would have been gone. An ending like this would have been more satisfying to me.

Oh and i guess there won't be any next seasons right?


The plot has holes because the source material was an H-game.


And because they wanted to leave room for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia (the H-game's sequel).

Yes, the war could start again. Rermember that saber was forced to destroy the grail be Shirou's dad, and the grail still came back for the next War.

I'll bring destruction on you all........after my nap.


I'm confused so far. The anime has all H references removed?


Saber didn't drink from the grail because:

1- It was contaminted by kirei when he tried to summon the grail.

2- and because what saber wanted was to relive her past as king Arthur.

and by the way, in the H-game there were three different scenarios, so in two of them saber stays with shirou.


just a warning some spoilers are in my post so don't read if u don't want to be spoiled (games + anime spoilers)

not entirely true, shirou had already convinced her that her original goal (that is, to start again, before she became king arthur so that she wouldn't be made king and someone else would) wasn't right, and that she had to accept it rather than running away more or less

also as far as i know theres only one ending where saber stays (but under the command of rin, rather than shirou )

the only exception to this i can think your referring to is fate/stay night realta nau in the "last episode" ( in the ps2 version, for whatever reason the pc version is missing "last episode")

which that ending is very ambiguous (where its the reverse, shirou meets saber where she goes [after she "Dies" in her time]rather than saber stay) and its not explained (could just be a dream, might of actually happened but without the creator explaining that scene its not exactly known)

but a strong theory supporting last episode's ending actually isn't just a dream in the game is that saber gasps in surprise when she see's shirou