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The thing I don't like about this show....

Anyone notice that they make up "silly", incorrect words for everyday things? (i.e. referring to basketball as "hoopty hoops")

Is it really smart to teach kids who are in the process of learning to talk improper words(a 2-4 year old would probably pick up a few) for everything?


Not only is it likely to cause problems when teaching children to speak properly, it's massively ANNOYING.


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my daughter (3) doesn't seem to be having any problems learning the correct words to things and she loves watching Wubbzy, has done since she was about 6 months old

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Oh of course. Kids learning at a preschool age that things like hoopty hoops and kickety kickballs are wubbzy-fied names for real things is something that they'll never learn to get over.

They'll carry this heavy burden with them the rest of their lives. When sons and daughters ask the coach at their High School if they can try out for the "Hoopty Hoop" team or maybe the "Silly Swim Team", they'll be laughed at and scorned.

This is going to irreparably damage the next generation. What a travesty.


I wondered about that, but most of those things are things they encounter anyway... kids play kickball, basketball, eat fruit, etc., so they'll know the real versions.

I've things I hate about the show, but they're different. I hate the catchphrases: "Lavender Lollipops!" "The ________ 3000!" And the one that irritates the crap outta me: "No Problemo!" I cringed just writing that!