Weirdest espisode

I like this show. My kids love it and I enjoy the Hannah Barbara cartoon style being introduced to them. One day I'll get to watch some of my favorite shows, like Dexter's Lab and Courage the Cowardly dog with my kids. This is the first step. It's also nice to see a show that's a step ahead of blues clues. The interaction between the show and the child in Blue's Clues is nice and their big claim to fame, but Wubbzy introduces storybook elements and plots nicely. It prepares them for story comprehension as well as teaching other kindergarten concepts. Obviously it's not the same as direct instruction, but as far as TV shows, It's better than letting them watch Sponge Bob all of the time.

So that being said, this show is pretty weird. It's a very silly show with strange things like mustard custard and marshmallow lasagna. But the weirdest thing I ever saw on this show was an episode where wubbzy and friends contributed to some kind of Extreme Home Makeover and it seemed to actually include the voice of Ty Pennington. The second half of the episode was some kind of crazy tribute to the cat and the hat.

Now I have to admit that the inclusion of Beyonce, or whichever no talent pop star they chose, was the pivotal "jumping of the shark" episode for the series. But the guest star mentality of unrelated and unfitting characters is much much stranger. It's one thing to have the guest voice of a person I NEVER want my kids to mimic or hold as a role model. It's another thing to do a cross over episode.

Just seemed weird as all get out to me. Anyone else?
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Beyonce did the ep because she has a young nephew who is a huge fan and I think she might have approached the makers herself.

that said, according to the makers there is no plans (as yet) for a season little ones are gutted, they are 18m and 3 respectively and they adore the show, we have tivoed all the eps and they watch them endlessly! It's annoying sometimes that they aren't really interested in other shows but seeing their faces light up and watch them dance to the songs makes my day tbh

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my 2 and a half year old daughter loves this show she talks about wow wow all day long, and even though pennington was only been on once she knows ty ty as soon as the episode comes on


and now my 2 and a half year old son is obsessed with this show too!

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