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I need some serious answers son watches this everyday-and well the other day it dawned on me-what the crap is going on in this cartoon?

Is wubbzy a boy or a girl? He sounds like a girl and even though he wears no clothes when they randomly put snow hats and such on him-there always a pinky colour....
..So i asked my son (hes only just 3) and he said "wubbzy is a boy" so i say ok....But it doesnt seem right? It seems more that wubbzy is trans-gender if anything....

Then there's also the fact that theres this big beefy female rabbit who does all the male sort of jobs around the place?...Infact the girl is the only one doing any sort of manual labour....Why the "boys" are running around in pink hats,singing,and doing some general frolicking.....

...Its very curious indeed....

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Wubbzy is a boy, always has, always is, and always will. The reason he sounds like a girl is because he voiced by a girl (Grey DeLisle). Widget (the rabbit creature) likes to build and invent. To me, there's nothing wrong with that. Plus, in one episode, she wanted to be a ballerina. And your third remark about the boys wearing pink hats and whatnot, they're just kids, OK? What's wrong with playing dress-up and singing (If they dressed like girls, than that's abnormal)? I happen to like this show, and can clarify, that this show is 100% not messaging kids to be gay (if that's what your applying). This show features no homosexual messages whatsoever. Take it from me, I watch this show every day and see that there's nothing out of the ordinary. Cute, educational, and funny is what makes this show work. It won an Emmy for goodness sake. This has been my 2 cents.


maybe because it's aimed at kids and kids don't give a toss about who wears pink or who fixes stuff until we tell them it's wrong???

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The real question is, why does everyone wear clothes but wubzy?!?!

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If your son is watching this every day and you're wondering "what is going on in this show?", then perhaps you need to get off the internet, sit down on the couch with your son and watch it with them.

....It's a novel idea, I know. What can I say? I'm a revolutionary thinker.


Lol "big beefy female rabbit"? Hahaha wtf!