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What is a 'Heatblast'?

Ok, sorry. I'm an outsider just trying to figure out what character my son just picked up at a yard sale. I managed to track down the figurine by description, evidently a character from the "Ben 10" series called "Heatblast".

Ok, so who, or what, is "Heatblast"? I tried looking it up and I just can't seem to find a simple straight answer. And I don't really even understand what the "Ben 10" series actually is. From what I read, it sounds like "Heatblast" is some sort of suit or elemental power of some kind. It seems like several characters have "been" him, whatever that means.

Can someone please explain briefly what "Ben 10" is and what "Heatblast" is? Some kind soul who can help educate a clueless parent? :)



Ben 10 is about a 10 year old boy named Ben Tennyson (Get it?) who was out in the woods one night while on a road trip with his grandpa and cousin, when an alien device fell from the sky. When Ben found the device it attached itself to his wrist, known as the Omnitrix, it gives him the ability to transform into 1 of 10 aliens. "Heatblast" is one of Ben's alien forms and while he is in this state he can master the element of fire and fly through the air. Ben uses these aliens to help fight badguys on Earth as well as alien threats.
Hope this clears things up for ya.