This is a new word I've made up for what you would call a movie when it's both GREAT and DISAPPOINTING. I couldn't quite point my finger at it, except to say that I really thought Jessie acted like a jerk... a lot in this one. I get that it was the first story technically because it was a prequel and he was fresher into his newfound problems- divorce, drinking, looking for a new start and new job, but he seemed downright unlikable at times. The other thing was that the story was kinda hard to swallow at times because it just seemed like it would not have happened as depicted. I agree with anothe poster who thought Stephen Baldwin's hitman character would have been more calculating and likely would have killed Jessie without making a big deal about it. I like Stephen Mchattie's performance though. Very good. Saul Rubinek is a good actor but he always seems to play the same guy or very, very similar. I liked a lot of the flow and even a good bit of the story, but it was, like I said, "great-appointing".

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