Order of the Novels

I really enjoy these Jesse Stone movies, especially Night Passage. I've not read any of the Robert Parker novels, but think I might pick this one up since this was the first, written in 1997. If the info I found on the 'net is correct, the order is:
1. Night Passage
2. Trouble in Paradise
3. Death in Paradise
4. Stone Cold
5. Sea Change
6. High Profile
7. Stranger in Paradise
8. Night and Day

I did not see "Thin Ice" on the list - does anyone know where it fits? I assume it was not a novel.

Finally, does anyone know how to get in touch with Hallmark Movie Channel? I went to their website but could not find any contact info. I would like to write to them to ask that they show the movies in chronological order some weekend :) Also, Trouble in Paradise needs to be made into a movie.


Here is the contact or feedback form page.. don't know if that will help you out at all.


If that doesn't get you directly there just click on the feedback form hyperlink.

Good luck!


Hallmark is showing a lot of the movies today, starting with Night Passage @9 a.m. this morning. Sorry I just saw your post.