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Now all 4 years, most episodes on YouTube.

I watched the first season in 2011 on a now defunct site Joost. Been on the look out for remaining episodes since. Although badly organized, advertising interruptions and frustrating the obsessives this is quite a treat. Image quality is great. High production values, quality guest actors make the limited, repetitive stories entertaining. This access to a generous portion of episodes is enough for me.

Don't collect,access. You won't live long enough to watch all the stuff you already have.


After watching another half dozen episodes I notice how much more music has been skillfully used compared to the films. Also, being produced 1974-79, the close ups are very tight, I assume this is for the smaller tubes of the era. It seems they frame close ups on portions of Kintano's head perhaps to obscure the ravages of a hard lived life.? Whatever, I'm still digging the character, performance and this extended view of Edo Japan. Did I mention the beautiful women? Heartbreaking. That in many ways its literally a bloody comedy?