I need some help here

I was just watching this movie today but had to leave with about half an hour to go. Paul Sorvino was checking out his cash he had in a strong box, because the female lead was not going to get enough financial aid to get her to college. Does he help her and how does the movie end from there? Thanks!


Wow something tells me if I didn't happen to watch this movie and love imdb, this question wouldn't be answered for who knows how long...

(Spoilers) The big game goes down with Lars dealing, and he is supposed to rig the game in favor of the Commodore or they won't get their work visas. But he doesn't play along, and the Commodore is forced to play fair. Catch has bet all his money and he throws his boat in...and he wins. So he pays for the first year of the girl's college.

Benicio leaves to Alaska (and Jenny finds a huge mosaic in the lobby where she's been renting, on the entryway floor where he made her face from a thousand beans...a slightly cheesy moment) and she goes off to school where at winter break he shows up for a final shot of screen kiss happiness.

The End


Paul Sorvino won so much money that he paid for Jenny's entire college education

I loved this movie