true garbage

I had the misfortune of catching this horrible excuse for a film at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. RIIFF has very high standards as a major festival and I cannot understand how it had been programmed. I know of many excellent films which were rejected by the festival.

There is a difference between not liking a film and realizing that it was poorly done. I have disliked many films of some merit. This film is without merit! Horrible script. Bad acting.


And exactly what gives your opinion any merit? I ask, because your response seems more like a tantrum than an informative statement.


I am from NJ but do not know the Shore very well. I will see this and judge for myself. I have heard some positive things about it. People should give it a chance.
The person above who started this topic is entitled to his opinion. I think a little harsh however. Obviously not from NJ


dstern1- What a sad little rant.
I'm embarrassed FOR you.



I have such mixed emotions with this movie. It's like Twilight de ja vue. I totally agree with the OP. I didn't know this was an R rated movie. Must be labeled as such for all the smoking. Because this movie was total "Disney-esque"
Feel good movie about a blonde-blue-eyed naivete who's been so sheltered that she didn't even realize there was "illegal labor" in the world. Or that quid pro quo even existed?

She's so green and gullable that she's influenced by the "rich jock" who's just out for sex and the gorgeous mystery man (who looks like he could be her father rather than her boyfriend -or atleast her uncle who is 10-15 yrs her senior) -has to come to her rescue by giving the rich jock -who is the son of "THE MAN" -a donut shiner for trying to take advantage of little miss gullable.

And little miss gullable just happens to believe she's gonna earn enough money at 'a one time summer stent @ waitressing for minimum wage' -to make up the difference that her student loans can't cover for college.

And in the end-it all works out.

Not a movie to be taken seriously. Maybe back in 1985. But not in the 21st century. NO 18 yr old is that green and wet behind the ears. -This movie would've been better off as a Disney drama. Or a Nickelodeon special movie. But to be featured on SHOW/next--like it's cutting edge and innovative -is just way off course. I mean, CHARTER lists it as a COMEDY for goodness sake. Just shows how out of place this movie really is.

That said, I really like this movie. It's innocent, and unassuming. The girl is kind of annoying, but if I were a 10-12 yr old tween -I'd totally relate to the wide-eyed innocense of the female character. If I were a little girl, I'd totally buy into it.

And i guess that's why I liken it to Twilight. The premise in and of itself is utterlly ridiculous, TOO COOKIE CUTTER to be taken seriously. HOWEVER, it is this innocence that makes it endearing, and captivating. She's totally a clueless, harmless, Barbie who needs to be protected from herself, and Benicio is her ruggedly handsome, knight in shining armor Ken doll. -Who by the way is an ARTIST and therefore his bad boy persona is forgiveable and totally appropriate for this little vulnerable, virtuous but totally legal little girl.

My FAVORITE character was LARS. To me he CATCH were the most believable. And Benicio -is so totally- the quintessential guy. Bad boy rebel/artist. Tough enough to not be intimidated by the rich guys. Strong enough to snap a @zzhole's neck, but gentle enough to make a collage of beans. LOL. Ridiculous.



Wow, I can't say this movie is 'The Godfather' but it was definitely good enough to put 2 hours in to watch it. Paul Sorvino is always worth it and he is why I watched it. The dialogue seemed very real. You can see the end coming a mile away but so is much of life. Its how we engage those circumstances that makes the difference. I give it a solid 7.


The OP may have been somewhat harsh, but watching it now and it kind has a Lifetime Movie Channel feel to it.

Not garbage, but not film festival material either.