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why do women think the scruffy LONG HAIR GUYS are romantic?

this is something i have wondered about for years, and now i am asking: women i hope you will explain this to me.

why is it considered 'sexual' or 'romantic' or whatever if the guy in the movie is foreign with long hair (and maybe a beard, sometimes, maybe not)

it has become a cliche, but the cleche must be based in truth. i can give a few examples, but there are manymany more.

the hank azarra character in 'americas sweethearts'
olivier martinez in 'unfaithful'
this guy in 'greetings from the shore'
fabio was the 'standard' for romance covers for decades
romance covers STILL have the guy (usually) wear flowing locks

i just plain don't get it. is it a visceral feeling? is it some kind of butterflies telling the woman 'orgasms will be better and more frequent if the guy has long hair'

....or is it the bad boy syndrome as in 'my mom said long hair men are rebels so they are naughty, and nice girls shouldnt talk to naughty boys...

i am completely baffled. i hope someone can help me understand.

(and dont say 'its the personality that counts or some crap like that. i am refrerring to the documented stereotype, as illustrated by the cliche, and NOT referring to your personal story of experience or whatever)

"Where.... can I put my ash?"


Long hair is understandable. Hair (especially nice, healthy hair) is a sign of youth or power. Chicks, for the most part, dig that. What baffles me is all these women who love the bald look with beards and/or goatees. These guys bick their heads (usually because they've lost their hair...haha), and they wind up lookng like babies or Mr. Clean. So goofy looking.


I don' t.