Chapter headings, v1.00

Home Alone
Hollywood Bound
Listen To This
Held Hostage
Play On

Times and chapter numbers and headings relate to my 23.976fps dvd. Intermediate headings are my own. PAL 25fps dvds are likely to be 4% shorter due to the playback rate:

0:00:00, Drake And Josh Go Hollywood (2006) 1 Home Alone MUSIC, Get It Right, by Backhouse Mike
0:05:13, gig at the B'nai Shalom Home, MUSAK, Don't Preach, by Drake Bell
0:11:43, first sight of the recorded concert, MUSAK, Highway To Nowhere, by Drake Bell
0:18:30, 2 Hollywood Bound
0:26:10, LA Megan, MUSIC, Steppin Out, by Safety Orange
0:27:27, Megan's hotel room, MUSIC, Boyz, by Saucy Monky
0:28:33, Megan MUSIC, either Find Your Own or Summer Sun
0:29:17, 3 Listen To This
0:32:43, the DVD and a break, MUSIC, Highway To Nowhere, by Drake Bell
0:33:41, Megan MUSIC, either Find Your Own or Summer Sun
0:44:36, 4 Gotcha!
0:44:57, Megan MUSIC, It's True, by Odds Against Tomorrow
0:47:12, Megan MUSIC, A Little Bit Lonely, by Julie Gribble
0:52:55, 5 Held Hostage
1:01:22, 6 Play On
1:04:48, driving to the studio, MUSIC, To Save a Man, by Safety Orange
1:07:24, live at the studio, MUSIC, Hollywood Girl, by Drake Bell
1:12:05, end credits, MUSIC, Get It Right, by Michael Corcoran
1:13:16, end

Suitable for fans of the show and also the extremely young?

I have looked for season sets of the show and drawn a blank. This does have two episodes from season 1 and they tell me that I would not be interested, maybe later seasons, though. The feature length episodes of iCarly, by the same team, are way better than this.