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Great film worth a watch

If people can get there heads around an old mans lust for a young girl they would find a very light hearted film
For anyone who hasnt watched it its a realy good film well written, it stars two of britains great veteran actors Peter O,Toole and Lesley Phillips as two old friends
When Lesleys charector Ians nieces daughter comes to look after him Peters charector falls for her i wont say anymore but its worth a watch another great british film



Indeed! To watch 'Venus' was a very recomforting experience after watching all those "Inglorious Basterds, Avatars, Hurt Lockers, etc.". Movies with huge budgets, technically impressive, boasting fantastic FX but with no heart.
In the other hand 'Venus' is a little but charming film that dares to explore the "human" side of its characters.
It's not a movie about violence, killing, war and such things but about life, love and dignity. Maybe that's why it didn't make hundreds of millions at the box-office!
Peter O'Toole was great as always, same Vanessa Redgrave and Leslie Phillips. Highly recommended if you are tired to watch those video-games sold as movies and to those who prefers good acting instead of ultra-expensive FX.

reply sold as movies
Clever way of describing some of today's virtually empty film fare.

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It certainly was great to watch. A blend of hilarious dialogue and many in depth moments, Venus succeeded in making the audience confront the inevitable aspects of life.

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It was a delightful film. I loved the acting by all, the story was genuine and heartfelt, the directing superb!