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A Complete Whitewash Of Soviet Communist Crimes

The soviet communist government of Josef Stalin was incredibly cruel not just to it's external enemies but to it's own citizens. But you wouldn't think so after watching this propaganda whitewash. Even before the nazi-soviet conflict started the communists had starved 7 million Ukrainians to death in a deliberate man made famine -
Not to mention mass shootings, purges, political show trials and people being slave labored to death in the gulag. During the war they mistreated prisoners and also murdered many such as the Polish officers at Katyn -
Hitler actually offered to treat captured red army prisoners according to the Geneva convention if the USSR would do the same for Germans in soviet captivity even though the soviets were not a signatory. Stalin refused. He considered anyone who surrendered to be a traitor to communism and did not want them treated fairly -


Not to forget that the Germans kept Russian pows in camps in France while they kept western Allied pows in camps in Poland/eastern Germany. The western Allies gave the Russian pows back when the Soviet gov't demanded them, packing many off to the Gulag upon return. That, and Lubyanka prison.

The Soviets, however, when overrunning western Allies pows in early 1945 from Polish/east German camps, did not release them. The Soviets surrounded and held the camps under guard. American generals started to send heavy bombers to the pow camps overrun by Soviets, fill them up with pows and fly them out. Soviets were stunned into inaction at first but then sent up fighters to intercept American bombers. Americans then sent along fighter escorts. Soviets, who could not match American air power, protested and American political leadership ordered a halt to the rescues. American officers were said to have threatened a near mutiny but were talked out of it. Not many were rescued in this manner.

Most western pows were put in locked cattle cars and railroaded eastward. Some escaped Soviet captivity and traveled by foot thru Poland and made it back to the West. Despite tales of being interrogated (harshly) by Soviet NKVD agents as to what technical/scientific education/training they might have had (sure precursor to being sent to gulag), the escaped pows found their own gov'ts to have cared less about the tens of thousands the Soviets kept behind (to replenish their gulags).

The U.S. was said to have lost 20K - 25K, the British a similar amount, and the French/Belgians combined for a similar number. All western gov'ts made protests to the Soviets, Soviets stonewalled, Allies gave up and dropped the subject.

WW2 German/Japanese pows who survived the gulags and repatriated in early/mid 1960s reported to have met and conversed (many times shortly before repatriation in early/mid 60s) with English-speaking gulag inmates, some of whom had American accents.


You have a source for that?