Not the full 90....?

I'm currently watching this film (watched the first half lat night, the second tonight, something I'm loathe to do with any film normally, but I felt that this film almost demanded it, quite apart from the attention-sapping qualities in possesses), but noticed that it doesn't seem to be the full 90 minutes of the match. The half time whistle goes about 40 minutes short of my DVD players clock. I thought the whole point was supposed to be that this was a fill game, experienced from Zidanes perspective. Are stoppages edited out, because it is difficult to see sometimes if the ball is constantly in play or if Zidane just can't be arsed to move for large portions of the match?

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I think so. I think there are some stoppages and a coupla minutes cut from each half.

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Well the last sentence ruined it :P