I didn't get it

I thought this was meant to be a movie, not 90 minutes of different angles of Zidane running about. Grrrrrrrrrr. Whats so "artistic" about it, the music was quite dull and at times depressing. Am I missing the point here? Someone please explain WTF is going on with this. I'm very disapointed.

Zidane - one of the true football Legends doesnt need this crap. Lets face it even I could film any footballer running about the pitch from fifferent angles, add some *beep* music in the background and voila.

You know what the REALLY sad thing is? The "movie" doesn't even highlight the fantastic skill and qualitites which have made Zidane one of the best footballers ever......I've seen better videos of him on youtube.


Isn't that the point? If all you see of football is youtube then you see all the highlights, which may be what made "Zidane one of the best footballers ever".

But this is a portrait, not a sporting highlights reel. It is supposed to provide some insight into the man on the pitch. You could film any footballer, but then that wouldn't be a portrait of Zidane. And presumably if Zidane is one of the best footballers ever, then he deserves attention that maybe Luke Chadwick doesn't.

Whether it works or not is another matter, but if you came looking for a sportsreel, then you are missing the point, yes.


Go and look at an 18th century portrait in an art gallery.

How much happens in it?

Now look at this 21st century portrait again.